Like it never happened …

So, due to circumstances out of our control, more than 4,000 books fell off two tall sections of stacks when those stacks collapsed.

stack crash books

We were very anxious about how long it was going to take us to get those books sorted out and back on the shelves.  Fortunately, we quickly came up with a cunning plan (involving massive spreadsheets and lots of super sticky notes).

stack crash stickies

Less than two weeks later, and the books are all back in place.

stack crash reshelved

Great team work from your Brush Library staff!

sticky notes


Say goodbye to the 2nd floor!

When students return to the island in the fall, they’ll see a newly renovated second floor of the library.  We’ll have 3 new classrooms, 4 new study rooms, an office, and lots of glass, light, and views!

We’re not sure yet exactly what it will look like, but it definitely won’t look like this:

brush library second floor

We’re looking forward to it!