The Proficient Puzzlers of the KBL

At some point  during the cold, grey days of winter term, you may have noticed groups of students, faculty and staff clustered around the low shelf behind the library reference/circulation desk on the main floor. These are the puzzle aficionados of the Katharine Brush Library, who delight in fitting hundreds of tiny, colored cardboard pieces together. The daunting 1,000-piece Van Gogh Starry Night puzzle, with its maddening impressionistic whorls of color, proved no match for these keen puzzlers (thank you, Liam and friends, for devoting many long hours to placing the final pieces!).

A new challenge awaits in the form of a 532-piece Sears Tower 3D puzzle. Generously loaned to the library by the Pond family, this impressive puzzle will stand over 3 feet tall when completed – and it glows in the dark! And yes, it does come with instructions.