Moleskine: A review

There’s something about journals that makes them more collectible than anything else. Maybe it’s the smell of new paper, the pretty bindings or the sense of professionalism that comes with bound paper that makes ┬ájournals so appealing. Personally, I like to categorize both my musings and sketches into journals. Before I even began filling my journals, however, I began collecting them for their looks. Now, the only notebook brand I use is Moleskine.

Moleskine has become my favorite brand simply because of the phenomenal craftsmanship of their notebooks. Each has a sturdy binding, cover, and book mark. All notebooks also feature a back pockets for loose papers. Moleskine makes their journals in three sizes: pocket, large, and extra large. Each journal comes in either hard or soft cover.

moleskine journal

To present a few of the options from my experience:

The extra large, soft cover notebook is the best for taking notes in classes. It almost reaches the size of a regular spiral notebook but has elegant ivory paper that you’ll love if you take notes in pen. The soft cover is nice because the pages will stay down more easily once opened. I use mine for my AP Literature class.

Hard cover large notebooks work great as either journals or sketchbooks. I have one in red that I use as a travel journal, and one unlined Petit Prince limited edition notebook, which I use as a sketchbook. The large notebook barely takes up any space in a daily bag or backpack.

moleskine journal

The pocket journal is the cutest little notebook to use as a planner, address book, or bullet journal. I use mine as a bullet journal for my summer adventures.

The greatest thing about Moleskine, however, is the variety of their notebooks. Moleskine offers a complete line of art sketchbooks, planners, address books, “city journals,” and limited addition notebooks with fantastic artwork. Some of the current limited edition notebooks have Lego, Star Wars, or The Hobbit artwork, and are a fan’s dream collectible.

If you hate spiral notebooks, collect journals, or love the classic look of bound paper, try a Moleskine!

moleskine journal