I have always been a fan of Stephen King’s books, and this month when I had the chance to read “Willa”, a short story, I knew that I had once again entered the magical world of suspense and mystery. Having read the mad narrative of a wife murderer, a writer’s survival journey, and other interesting stories by Stephen King, I wanted to find a story that had a similar edge. As I read the first pages, I immediately became suspicious of the whereabouts of the missing fiance. With the puzzling premise of people stranded at a vacant train station where a train wreck had occurred, my knowledge of King’s predilection to twists made me think that in some form death must be involved. As I read through the rest of the wonderful short story, it unraveled persistence, naivete, and other traits, and maybe death…but you will have to read it to find out. I would recommend this short story to anyone hoping to cuddle over the humdrum of mystery.

stephen king