Review: Three Sisters, Three Queens

A very interesting book that I read over winter break was Three Sisters, Three Queens by Philippa Gregory. I found that the book was very suspenseful and entertaining. I enjoyed reading the novel from the perspective of Margaret Tudor, a Tudor Princess whom I have learned about in AP European History this year. I loved reading the book, which was Historical Fiction, and reading about events that occurred in history from an influential character’s perspective. It was interesting to see how the author made these three key women in history both best friends and queens, but also rivals. I also thought it was very cool to see how the book tied in with my English class, as we just finished reading Macbeth by William Shakespeare. Coincidentally, King James, I of England was Margaret Tudor’s great grandson and was the King of England during Shakespeare’s time. If you want a suspenseful and historically accurate novel, I highly recommend this book to other readers over spring break!   

book cover three sisters three queens


Reservation Blues

cover reservation blues

After reading Reservation Blues in English class I found that the novel had a very abrupt, yet compelling ending. I liked how the author, Sherman Alexie, used magical realism within the novel to tie both the mystery of the Reservation and ongoing events in the lives of the main characters. As the story progressed, so did my captivation with the plot. I was entertained by the metaphors and hidden clues that Sherman Alexie placed throughout the novel, as though he was making a treasure hunt. The dramatic ending of the novel, including both the death of the main character and some of the Indian’s desertion of the Reservation was quite shocking. All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed reading Reservation Blues and would encourage it to anyone looking for an excellent, informative read.