Silas Marner by George Eliot

Of course, one might argue that George Eliot has his own experience incorporated in the novel Silas Marner. This statement is both correct and flawed. Yes, George Eliot did put personal experiences and circumstances in life to enrich the story. Yet George Eliot is the pen name of a female author, so do not make the novice mistake of addressing the author as he! Silas Marner is one of the true classic Victorian novels written by Eliot. The book revolves around the three traditional factors of Victorian novels, which are coincidence, suspense, and irony. Throughout the book, such themes are prevalent to determine such a community-minded story. The coincidence of Dunstan Cass stopping by the cottage of Silas Marner when Marner goes out for a walk, the suspense of Godfrey Cass waiting to confess his sins, and the irony of Marner’s loss of gold giving him more valuable personal growth are some examples. If you want to figure out this Victorian novel, and its twists and turns that ooze philosophical lessons on human life, make sure you read it or take AP LIT with Mr. Scanlon!

book cover silas marner


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