Rotting and Riveting: A Discourse on Zombie Fiction

The eerie festivities of Halloween are upon us, and what better way to celebrate than through some creepy horror novels! As a zombie enthusiast and consumer of zombie literature, I’m stopping by to recommend three of the most spine-tingling and tantalizing undead reads for your pleasure.

1. World War Z

At the top of my list stands World War Z, a novel by Max Brooks that covers the years of the zombie plague as it ravaged the world. The story proves to be a masterpiece crafted from extensive research into various military, socioeconomic, and political situations around the world. With its multiple perspectives and gripping storytelling, the book, written in the form of several interviews, offers a unique and fresh look at a genre often characterized by gore and guts.

2. Apocalypse Z: The Beginning of the End

Many may consider the zombie genre to belong solely to the American sphere of authorship. Fortunately, Spanish writer Manel Loureiro has shown that the zombie genre can use an outside view to revitalize a seemingly old topic. Written in journal and blog format, Apocalypse Z: The Beginning of the End follows a Spanish lawyer and his humorous fat Persian cat, Lucullus, as society crumbles and morality decays before the dead. Reading the tale will bring you to fear, anxiety, and even a chuckle as Loureiro pulls you along.

3. Rot and Ruin

Are the dead monsters? That is the crucial question confronted throughout Jonathan Maberry’s novel, Rot and Ruin. The tale follows two brothers, Benny and Tom Imura, as Benny comes of age and tries to reconcile the past with his present. Unlike the other two books on my list, this Mad Max-esque story occurs years after the apocalypse; however, don’t be fooled into thinking all the excitement has gone! With its dash of absurdity and dark reality, Rot and Ruin is a zombie novel that gets the heart pumping.

Thank you all for looking through my list! Happy haunts and a most splendid Halloween!


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