Movie Review: The Intern

On my 14-hour flight back to JFK to get back to school, I was looking for a great movie to entertain myself during a rather tedious flight. Looking through trailers, I discovered The Intern, a movie about an elderly man (Robert DeNiro) who retired from work but realized that his life basically revolved around his passion for work. When he coincidentally finds a pamphlet asking for old interns (to provide moral support for Anne Hathaway, CEO of a clothing company), he applies and gets to meet her, becoming the best life advisor for a young woman endeavoring to live the hectic life of the modern world. The Intern, although labeled as a comedy film, is not merely a movie to just laugh at and release our stress.

The movie has so many valuable merits. Firstly, reflected in his advice to Anne Hathaway, Robert DeNiro’s wise experience and words give the audience guidelines for living in this busy and feverish world. Anne Hathaway is overwhelmed; some time for oneself and relaxation is key for self-development. Secondly, we can feel the familial warmth from the two unrelated people. Robert DeNiro’s wisdom, consideration, and benevolent words fill our rather detached lives with heartwarming affection for human relationships. Lastly, the movie also sends an important message to society that we should not neglect the elderly and consider them not valuable. The wisdom, experience, career, understanding, and love of the elderly are often qualities that can save us from the selfish rush for success and life problems that sometimes overwhelm us altogether. This is a can’t miss movie. If you want to feel some emotional and mental healing, or want a heart-warming experience, you should definitely watch this movie.



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