The Big Short – Elucidating the Economy

When my parents dragged me to The Big Short, I was unenthused and dubious. I know little to the nothing about the complex world of economics and the stock market crash of 2008 came when I was a mere fourth grader. Despite my finite knowledge of the topic the film grapples with so expertly, I found myself captivated the entire two hours. The movie’s illustrious cast (Bale, Gosling, Carell, Pitt) allows for a comedic undercurrent that complements the heavy, intricate plotline perfectly. The movie’s intention is to clarify the clandestine crash of 2008 with the help of today’s biggest Hollywood icons. Due in part to a smart script, a humorous ensemble cast, and a plotline that has begged for clarity since 2008, The Big Short is a well-executed Hollywood lark. The movie follows the discovery (led by Christian Bale’s character, Michael Burry) of the imminent stock market crash, in which “subprime home loans are in danger of defaulting.” Despite the unfamiliar language of the film, it is in fact targeted to an audience that is as oblivious as myself. Through a unique incorporation of celebrities, delivering ridiculous synopses of the 2008 crash, viewers begin to solidify their once cursory knowledge of the topic. Regardless of my previous loyalty to the actors in the film, The Big Short is a wonderfully executed movie: funny, smart, and ultimately, elucidating. In spite of its lack of attention given at last night’s Oscars, I highly recommend giving it your own attention.

big short


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