That’s Dope!

Dope, Rick Famuyiwa’s latest film, centers on Malcolm and his friends Jib and Diggy, misfit teens obsessed with 90s hip-hop in their notoriously dangerous city of Inglewood, California. One day after school, Malcolm meets Dom, a drug dealer, who invites him to his birthday party, a change from Malcolm’s school-centered lifestyle. At the party, chaos ensues as rival gang members interrupt Dom’s molly transactions in the back room. The next day, Malcolm walks through the security checkpoint at his school to find out Dom had quickly stuffed the molly into his backpack at the party. Thus begins Malcolm and his friends’ adventure as different people are trying to get the drugs from them. This movie deals with racial stereotypes and the social dynamics in high school, especially in rougher neighborhoods, with the pressures of good and evil as influencers. In the movie, Malcolm is under the pressure of applying to colleges, with his sights set on Harvard, but his circumstances and critics present an obstacle. The movie ends with Malcolm writing his college admission essay, which addresses all of these themes and ends with a thought provoking-line that relates to our society today. I thought this movie nicely blended important topics such as the corruption of youth and racism with interesting cinematography and plot. The addition of cameos by multiple famous rappers and models and the upbeat hip-hop soundtrack were also worked nicely into the movie.



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