Fight Club by Chuck Palahniuk

The movie Fight Club is personally one of my favorite films; it is a very enticing movie with great visuals, characters, and directing. Fight Club was also one of the most polarizing films when it was released, criticized for being pretentious and boring. Roger Ebert even disliked the picture, giving it 2/4 stars and  calling it “the kind of ride where some people puke.” Over the years, it has become a cult film and is now regarded as a great cinematic achievement of narration and storytelling.

I was surprised to hear it was a novel first, and I read the book in my American Dream class. The novel is almost exactly the same as the book. It follows the story of salesman called The Narrator (we never get his real name), a man who feels his life is unfulfilled, boring, and depressing. His job brings no benefit to human civilization, and he is disillusioned by society’s consumer culture, where people are greedy and buy things they don’t need. The Narrator feels hopeless since he does not fit in, until he meets Tyler Durden, a good looking young man who solves his problems. That’s all I’m going to say about the plot… but also expect the famous plot twist near the end of the novel.

The novel is great like the movie. Nothing has changed between the two, and both follow the same characters, story, and narration (except the ending which I will again not spoil!). The best thing about Fight Club is the first-person view given by the Narrator, and you definitely feel sympathy for him. Tyler Durden is also a fascinating figure and one of the most interesting characters I’ve seen in a movie and in literature. If you have not have had a chance to see or read either, you should!

fight club



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