Belated Movie Review: Inglourious Bastards

The Brush Library introduced me to an entire new world in the Winter of 2014: Quentin Tarantino movies. And I never looked back.

The day I got back from Christmas break in January 2014, I realized that I wouldn’t have much homework that night. So I decided to check out a movie from the library. I had nowhere to begin, only previously having checked out Owen Wilson comedies. But I needed a fresh start with movies. So like any other teen, I went to Wikipedia and looked at the Oscar nominees from the last 5 or so years and glanced at Tarantino’s Inglourious Bastards.

Here’s the breakdown on this movie. If you don’t like blood, if you don’t like history, and if you don’t like having three different languages spoken in one movie, if you don’t like slow scenes with craftily worded diction, then you won’t like this movie. I like all of these things, however.

This movie is a typical Tarantino revenge flick. It starts off in the French hills in 1941 after the during the German occupation. Nazis come looking for Jews, they find them, they shoot them, and one gets away: a young girl named Shoshanna Dreyfus. Meanwhile, a group of Jewish-American soldiers known as “The Bastards” have been wreaking havoc throughout Europe, enacting a reign of terror upon all Nazis. They are ruthless to say the least. The movie covers both Dreyfus’ and the Bastards plots to exterminate the highest-ranking of Nazi officials.

What makes this movie is not the brilliant violence or the pure joy of seeing Nazi officials burn to death; yes, both of those things are quite enjoyable. But what makes this movie is its intricacies. It is slow, monotonous. It often seems as if scenes are going to go on for hours. But every scene is loaded with complex diction, whether in French, English, or German. There is almost no emotion that this movie fails to evoke within the watcher. If you have the attention span to watch 30 minutes of talking followed by 30 seconds of extreme blood and gore, then this movie will not fail to interest you.

I recommend this movie for anyone who is looking for an interesting twist on historical events, who has a large attention span, who likes blood and gore, who is in love with Brad Pitt, or who is looking for something long and detailed, but every the more interesting and epic. For those who can’t get to Brush to check it out, it just came out on Netflix!


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