The Definition of Katharine Brush Library

The Katharine Brush Library is a noun within the Loomis Chaffee dictionary associated with endless definitions. For many students, it provides a “safe haven” of quiet study, a location specifically designed to nurture the ideas of brilliant minds. For others, it provides space for social gatherings with peers by offering study rooms private enough for personal discussions. Hence, the LC community utilizes the library’s resources in a multitude of different ways. The insights of three students, Olivia Tomassetti ’18, Brendan Reid ’17, and Chris Natcharian ’16, provide an accurate depiction of the various roles the library plays for the school’s diverse student population throughout the year.

Ever since the beginning of time, libraries have been associated with the term “quiet” and for Olivia, Brendan, and Chris, the peace and solitude offered by the library welcome them all to the atmosphere. When asked why they visit the library, all three agreed that among the library’s greatest assets is the tranquil study space it provides with minimal distractions. Additionally, both Olivia and Brendan appreciate the study rooms adorning the first and second floors of Katharine Brush. Equipped with white boards ideal for group studying, along with a large table for spreading out study materials and plenty of seats to accommodate social gatherings, the study rooms have been a key focal point of the “library experience” for many students. For Olivia, who enjoys “mixing up” her study locations, she has found the multitude of study rooms, open tables, and the upstairs floor to be wonderful resources to diversify her studying. Furthermore, Chris recognizes the accessibility of computers and printers as a key point of his utilization of the library, in addition to the opportunity the library provides for meeting with classmates to work on group projects during the day. Chris, Olivia, and Brendan all agree that the technological devices the library provides are exceeding helpful and serve as a key resource.

I sincerely thank Brendan, Olivia, and Chris for their willingness to share such valuable insights about the Katharine Brush Library. Their appreciation for the library provides a sample of those definitions affiliated with Katharine Brush: a study space, technology hub, social area, and most importantly, a beautiful building geared toward developing the intellectual and social development of all LC students now and for years to come.



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